The time has finally come: Steinemann stands for Total Surface Quality. We would like to introduce you to our brand-new Satos TSQ, another cornerstone of our Total Surface Quality program! This latest model in the Satos family sets standards, boasting an innovative sanding pressure control function as well as an optimized sanding platen and contact drum controller. More generously dimensioned locking devices and many other perfected details will make this new product an all-round success.

At LIGNA in Hanover, all trade show visitors will have an opportunity to see a 3D animation of the new machine. New solutions will be demonstrated interactively, such as the generously designed locking devices, the innovative sanding pressure control function and the optimized sanding platen and contact drum adjustment. The machine also has an impressive new design with integrated safety doors and gates.

With the Steinemann has succeeded in uniting the latest technologies with familiar and proven equipment, while always giving priority to maximum availability. Over 50 years of experience with sanding technology and mechanical engineering have been combined here with high-tech sensor and control systems in order to incorporate new, innovative functions in the machine: This also was the right time to integrate the new Siemens TIA PORTAL. On-site operation has also been significantly improved by providing a touch panel on each machine module – a must for efficient workflows.

New features and options

  • Locking system with increased spacing to allow for more convenient and gentle belt change
  • No loose locking system parts
  • Integrated safety doors provide larger amounts of space
  • innovative sanding pressure control for a steady contact pressure
  • automatic contact drum adjustment
  • automatic sanding platen adjustment
  • New vibration dampening system
  • Automatic belt oszilation
  • Additional touch panels for more transparency

The automatic contact drum adjustment is a well-known and proven function on Steinemann sanders. It has now been enhanced in the with an option for automatically adjusting the sanding platen. No more manual adjustments are necessary, making the sanding process even more efficient.

On our redesigned TSQ sander, we increased the spacing to make changing the belts more convenient. This simplifies handling for the operator and significantly reduces the risk of damaging the sanding belts. What is more, the time required to set up the belts is considerably shortened, because a belt can now be replaced faster. Another plus is the new mechanics of the locking device, which functions without any loose parts whatsoever, meaning that everything stays in place where it belongs.

The new automatic belt oscillation function also enhances user-friendliness, making the tedious process of setup and adjustment a thing of the past. Once the target values have been entered in the controller and the sanding belts inserted, the sander can be started entirely automatically at the press of a button. This give the operator time to concentrate on other tasks.

With regard to the safety concept of the , Steinemann has adhered strictly to integrated safety doors rather than safety gates on the operator side. The result is more productive working thanks to individual safety doors on each of the stacked units. This way, if the operator needs to intervene in the process or change a belt, he does not need to stop the entire machine module; part of the process can continue running. Steinemann provides for efficient workflows!