The Art of Sanding

To achieve a perfect surface, you should rely on the right partner.

Our technical know-how and innovative spirit form the base of our process expertise, allowing our customers to benefit from an integrated range of products and ser­vices including machines, abrasives, spare parts and service availability as well as process optimisation.

The result is the perfect response to customers’ practical demands: consistent panel quality, maximum availability and best cost efficiency.

Company brochure «The Art of Sanding»

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Chatter marks are caused by vibrations in a sander. Vibrations can be generated, for instance, by the joints of the sanding belts, the contact drums, guide rollers or tension drums. The cause can be determined based on the distance between the chatter marks and several types of process and machine data. The app identifies the cause and displays the result. For this calculation, the app requires data on the geometry and process of the wide belt sanding machine. Such data naturally is stored in the app for most Steinemann machines and automatically incorporated in the calculation based on the machine’s serial number. If the machine number is not stored in the app, users have the option of configuring their own machine. This way, the app and the integrated calculation can be used for all sanding machines of similar design.