– for 76 & 106 –

Digital foiling module

For all kind of applications: flat or raised foil with embossing effects
With high speed: up 5 000 sheets per hour; up to 40 meter / 130 feet per minute
With highest quality: perfect surfaces and finest structures
For maximum productivity: digital foiling and varnishing in one run
For minimal operating costs: indexing system, short make ready times


Industrial, proven technology with additional options

dfoil modules cover a striking range of services:

  • Digital flat and raised foiling
  • Step-less raising of the foil for embossing effects
  • Different elevation of the foil on one sheet
  • Integrated electrical
  • Application of spot-varnish and foil in one run *
  • Two independent foil indexing systems for minimal consumption *

* with respective options and modules

State of the art technology:

  • Powerful foil indexing system
  • Mounting of up to 7 different foil rolls one shaft
  • Automatic foil tension adjustment


  • Second, independent foil indexing system

Additional modules:

  • Inbuilt electrical lifting device for a quick and fully automated exchange of readily mounted foil shafts

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