– 76 & 108 –

Full flood varnishing for sheet substrates

For professional applications: up to sheet size 108 x 145 cm (42.5 × 57.1 in)
With high speed: up to 12 000 sheets per hour, up to 100 meter / 394 feet per minute
With high quality: highest gloss with low varnish lay down
For maximum availability: industrial made, easy to operate, fast job-changes
For minimal operating costs: robust gripper-less technology


Modular concept with various options

Advantages of colibri systems:

  • High quality: Highest gloss with little varnish
  • Substrate diversity: Adhesive labels, paper, cardboard, plastic, magnetic, etc. – from 80 to 600 g/m2
  • High productivity: Short setup times, hardly any waste and high working speed
  • Low varnish and operating costs: Little varnish consumption, robust, gripper-less technology, little maintenance

Robust technology:

  • Sheet conveyor system, sheet cleaning unit (calender)
  • Roller coater for full flood varnishing
  • Air knife system for paper
  • UV-dryer


  • Non-stop function for increased productivity
  • IR module for higher gloss
  • Cooling unit to avoid sticking of sheets
  • Ionized air on feeder and stacker
  • colibri 108: working height 1 450 mm / 57.1 in with op-eration platform
  • colibri 76: sheet length extension up to 1 080 m / 42.5 in

Additional modules:

  • Sheet pre-piling with and without carriage
  • Heated varnish tank with timer
  • Provision for strip coating
  • Provision for water-based varnish
  • Sample gate with inspection table
  • Corona

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